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Social Media: No Place for Jokes About Domestic Violence

Posted by Steve Karimi | Apr 03, 2018 | 0 Comments

In March 2018, the smartphone game app Would You Rather ran a Snapchat ad that has outraged users. The ad featured images of Rihanna and Chris Brown questioning the would-be app user “Would You Rather Slap Rihanna or Punch Chris Brown?” Rihanna personally called out the app saying, “Shame on YOU! …and you let us down.” She finished her thought by saying it wasn't about her own personal feelings that she was complaining but about the men, women, and children still suffering in the clutches of domestic violence.

Users agreed with Rihanna and shared their sentiments on the Snapchat app. They caught the reference to the 2009 incident involving both Chris Brown and Rihanna where Brown hit, bit, punched, and choked the Barbados beauty and pleaded guilty to those and other charges. The app issued an apology saying the ad was reviewed and approved in error. But Rihanna wasn't having any of it, saying the app was not dumb enough to just let that ad sneak through. The Snapchat spokesperson explained an investigation was in effect as they aim to determine what caused the error.

Chris Brown's Domestic Violence Punishment - No Joking Matter

When Chris Brown pleaded guilty to the charges against him, he had no previous police record. He was ordered to serve five years of probation, and he was required to serve 180 days in jail or the equivalent—roughly 1400 hours—in labor-oriented service. Brown also was required to submit to a year's worth of domestic violence counseling classes.

Last year, Chris Brown sent 30th birthday wishes to Rihanna via Instagram and her fans did not respond favorably. Reports from Rihanna's camp explained that despite the 2009 crisis, the two are friendly and speak frequently. Yet, fans have long memories and posted such responses as, “Chris Brown needs to leave Rihanna alone forever! And leave her alone and move on!” Rihanna maintains an arms-length relationship with the singer/songwriter, according to reports dating to 2017.

Rihanna's criticism of the Snapchat Would You Rather ad trivializing domestic violence had a profound effect on the app's stock. Following her comments, Snapchat erased $1 billion in value.

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