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One-Hit Wonder Howie Day Arrested in Seattle for Assaulting Girlfriend

Posted by Steve Karimi | May 16, 2018 | 0 Comments

Howie Day, a singer-songwriter that reached his peak of popularity in the mid-2000s, is back in the headlines for a new reason: a domestic violence arrest. Considered by most to be a one-hit wonder, Day is best known for his 2004 song, “Collide.” In April 2018, Day was arrested after a physical altercation with his girlfriend at Seattle's Sea-Tac Airport.

The incident--what observers described as a “tantrum” by Day-- happened in the parking lot of the airport. Video surveillance showed the signer angrily throwing his guitar case to the ground as he waited to be picked up by his girlfriend, Carrie Pencek.

The incident escalated when Pencek, his girlfriend of eight years, arrived shortly after Day threw his guitar case. Day directed his anger at Pencek's vehicle as she arrived before turning his anger on her. As Pencek exited the vehicle to help Day with his bags, the one-hit wonder aggressively approached Pencek, yelling at her, and ultimately shoving her as she exited the vehicle. The incident forced Pencek to seek help from a nearby law enforcement officer. Day fled the scene but was ultimately apprehended and charged with fourth-degree assault. Day has since pled not-guilty and faces his first court appearance later this month.

According to Pencek, this type of behavior is common when Day is intoxicated. Citing frustration over the direction his career has taken, Pencek reportedly told officers the stress of career and money had escalated Day's outbursts.

This is only one of many arrests Day has faced involving either women or outbursts at an airport. According to TMZ, this incident isn't even the first one involving Day and Pencek. Day has been previously arrested for striking Pencek in the face, although those charges were dropped when Pencek refused to cooperate.

He has also been arrested over an incident in 2004 where he allegedly locked a woman in his tour bus after she rejected his advances. He was also charged with destroying the cellphone of another woman when she tried to call police during the same incident. In 2006, Day was arrested after yelling at a flight crew after abusing alcohol and sleeping pills.

Penalties for Domestic Violence in Washington State

While Day was only charged with a misdemeanor, Washingon State law allows for domestic violence charges to be filed as either misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the severity of the allegation. The most serious domestic violence charge is a Class A felony which carries a fine of no more than $50,000, a maximum prison sentence of life in prison, or a combination of the two.

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