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Former Girlfriend of Head High School Football Coach Admits to Fabricating Abuse Story

Posted by Steve Karimi | May 23, 2017 | 0 Comments

Mere allegations of domestic violence have the ability to completely destroy the reputation of the perceived aggressor. Before the accused has a chance to undergo a fair trial, they are often humiliated and punished by law enforcement, their employer and other members of society. Even in the event that an accuser chooses to recant their allegations, the other person's reputation isn't completely salvaged. Their name will always be associated with the heavily stigmatized charge of domestic violence in the minds of others, despite not committing the crime. A case involving a popular high school coach and the mother of his child exhibits the harmful nature of false allegations, pre-conceived judgments and their effect on the innocent party.

Kenny Sanchez, the head coach of the Bishop Gorman High School football team in Nevada, made headlines when his former girlfriend and mother of his child, Brooke Stewart, reported to authorities that he had viciously attacked her on Christmas day of last year. Stewart's previous claims were that he came over on the holiday to pick up their son, Kayson, and spend the day with him - a gesture they both had agreed upon beforehand. Apparently, the former couple had arguments and issues regarding child custody in the past. In a criminal complaint filed on January 23, she claimed that Sanchez had committed several violent acts against her, including striking her, pulling her hair and grabbing her neck.

But in a recent sworn affidavit sent from Stewart to Sanchez's attorney, Ross Goodman, she admits that her prior statements were completely false. “I was acting under extreme grief due to the feeling of the loss of my son on Christmas for the first time and the anniversary of my mother's death that I reported something that was untrue,” Stewart explained. “Contrary to my report to the police, Kenny simply came over on Christmas Day to pick up (our son) and left without any physical altercation. It is my desire that no further action is taken against Kenny Sanchez based upon my actions.”

Shortly after sending the affidavit she reported a similar account of the events that she had told to Goodman to the prosecutor's office, Goodman noted. In a leaked email, Stewart wrote that she had explained to the prosecutor that she was struggling to cope with her depression and that she had developed a serious bout of anxiety. She admitted that these factors contributed in her decision to fabricate Sanchez's assault. Goodman claims that the allegations have been extremely damaging to Sanchez's career, but the coach was fortunate Stewart admitted she made false allegations.

Goodman has requested that prosecutor Lisa Luzaich dismiss the charges, but she has still decided to pursue the case against Sanchez. In the wake of the allegations, Sanchez has been suspended by the Bishop Gorman based on these allegations - one year after he led an undefeated season. His trial date has been set for May 30.

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