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Collateral Consequences of a Domestic Violence Charge

Posted by Steve Karimi | Apr 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

A domestic violence offense is not a charge which should be taken lightly.  Unfortunately, the sting of such a charge does not end after a person completes their sentence—the consequences of a domestic violence conviction are widespread and can haunt a person for years. 

If you have been charged with domestic violence in Seattle or a surrounding area of Washington, it's critical to secure legal representation from a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. When you face your charge armed with the knowledge and experience of Steve Karimi, you can rest assured knowing that your interests are being looked out for every step of the way.

Collateral Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction

While the obvious repercussions of a domestic violence conviction include fines and jail time, this type of conviction carries additional consequences that may not be as obvious. These factors are important when considering whether to retain an attorney to defend against your charge. 

Job Consequences

Conviction of a domestic violence charge can have a serious impact on your job prospects. Aside from the possibility of being fired from a current position, conviction of a domestic violence charge can keep you from obtaining a job in the future, as the conviction will appear on a background check for a potential employer. In fact, a domestic violence conviction can bar you from working in certain fields--such as teaching and law enforcement--altogether. 

Housing Restrictions

If you have been charged with domestic violence, being found guilty of the charge can have a devastating impact on your housing situation. If you lived with the person who accused you of domestic violence, for example, you can be barred from moving back into the household and required to secure new living arrangements. To add insult to injury, a conviction of a domestic violence charge can prevent you from finding new housing, as many landlords and rental companies refuse to rent housing to a person with a criminal conviction. 

Family Relationships

If you are a father who has been charged with domestic violence, it's important to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. When determining which parent should be awarded custody of a child, a judge must take into account the child's physical and emotional well-being. A conviction of domestic violence can cause you to lose custody of your children. 

Additional Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction

In addition to hindrances to your employment and housing, a conviction of a domestic violence charge can result in: 

  • An order of protection or restraining order to refrain a person from contacting the accuser; and 
  • Loss of your ability to vote or possess a firearm.

Facing a Domestic Violence Charge? We Can Help

Being charged with domestic violence can be a stressful--and downright frightening—experience. If you are facing such a charge in Seattle, know that you aren't alone—the legal team at the Law Offices of Steve Karimi is standing by to help. To speak with a member of our team, fill out an online case evaluation form or call (206) 621-8777 today.

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Steve Karimi

Steve Karimi attended Pepperdine University School of Law. After graduation he worked as a prosecutor in Seattle where he gained valuable insight to the criminal justice system. Attorney Karimi uses his experiences as a prosecutor everyday only now he fights for the justice of those accused.


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