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STEVE KARIMI is the greatest attorney in Seattle! Compassionate, Dedicated, and Professional! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I had a full-ride $150,000 out-of-state scholarship to attend the University of Washington to become a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps so I could serve this great country. A month after I graduated college and on my second day of attending Officer Candidate School in Virginia to complete my military training, I was flown back 2770 miles to Seattle, WA, to be arrested for allegedly stalking my ex-girlfriend. My reputation before my arrest was someone with honor, compassion, and a hard-work ethic. I volunteered hundreds of hours at homeless shelters and food banks. I ranked first in GPA on several quarterly and annual occasions at the University of Washington among my NROTC battalion of 100 future Navy and Marine officers. Four years earlier, I was even Valedictorian of my high school class and numerous other things, including Student Council Vice President and President of my local National Honor Society chapter. In short, the moment I was arrested, I had my reputation on the line, a potential stalking conviction, and repaying back a $150,000 debt to the U.S. government as the Marine Corps already decided to discharge me before my case was over. So my next step (and the most obvious) was that I had to find a good attorney to represent me in this court case. I researched online for a few days and had free consultations with many different lawyers until I walked into Steve's door. I almost smiled walking in: his office was a complete contrast to the polished, clean, and vibrant conference room I was in about 30 minutes earlier talking to another attorney in downtown Seattle. On the fifth floor of an antique-like office building in Pioneer Square, was an office space covered in stacks of papers and other files cluttered loosely around a desk and the floor. The sight gave me a strong feeling and sense of security that Steve was someone who spent countless hours working around his office to help his clients. It was at that moment, Steve jumped up from his desk and shook my hand. I then sat down, explained my situation, and the events that transpired leading to my unfortunate and untimely arrest. He was confident that he could help me. His confidence, years of experience, and his way of speaking gave me a reassuring feeling of hope. It's something that I actually needed at the time; I was just a 23-year-old boy, scared about my future, and remorseful about my past mistakes. I knew this case would be difficult. Not because the State of Washington had a 30-page discovery of evidence against me, but that I had completely confessed to the cop who got the warrant for my arrest. To top it off, a month later, I would make everything more difficult as I would break my no-contact order with my ex-girlfriend with a text message saying that I was sorry for everything that happened. Needless to say, we had an uphill battle. I want to take this moment now and explain the generosity that Steve possesses. I come from a very poor family and I luckily had taken out a loan before my arrest, which was excellent as I had just enough resources to retain Steve as my lawyer and pay his fair $5,000 fixed fee. Yet, when I got a second count of stalking, that actually voided our contract. Still, Steve understood my financial situation and worked extra hard without me having to pay him an extra $5,000. This is also because he understood my side of the story and how unfair the Prosecutor was proceeding with this court case. It not only became personal for me, but him and I greatly admired that commitment. Needless to say, after 10 months of ongoing court hearings and litigation, we won. I was granted a mental health deferral, which will help me not pay back the military my enormous college debt as the case just became a medical concern, not a disciplinary one. I highly recommend Mr. Steve Karimi for anyone seeking legal defense counsel and wants their case either be dismissed or come to a fair and reasonable resolution.
– Richard

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